Research carried out by local appliance superstore DB Domestics seems to suggest that consumer behaviour at the height of the pandemic might have remained a lot more consistent with ‘normal times’ than people have been lead to believe, and that changes may not be permanent.

DB Domestics, which has been established in Eastbourne for over 40 years, like most of us, felt the impact of the pandemic. But as a local business with close connections to thousands of local shoppers, they also noticed immediate patterns in buying behaviour.

The headlines said that people were buying in bulk, but DB Domestics thought there could be more to it.

The appliance experts sent out a survey to over 6,000 people across the South East to take a closer look at their mid-pandemic grocery shopping habits to get a better understanding of how people like you were feeling.

The survey said…

  • 67% of people are still shopping in store, despite the pandemic.
  • 90% of people are still shopping once a week or more. (61% are shopping once per week and 29% more than once).
  • 68% of people haven’t changed from before the pandemic.
  • And 64% of people who have changed their habits, say that it isn’t because of the pandemic.

You can view the full results at:

Although the findings of this research suggested that the pandemic had surprisingly little effect on consumer behaviour in relation to grocery shopping habits; there did appear to be evidence to suggest that people were still planning for differences none the less, with:

  • 57% of respondents noting that they had bought a new refrigeration solution to support bulk buying.
  • 43% having replaced their cooker to support more home cooked meals.

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DB Domestics also offered the chance to win a SMEG kettle for taking part in the survey. Once the survey closed, a draw was carried out and local man Nigel Gibbons was announced as the winner. He collected his item from the store, which was still operating safely behind closed doors to provide our local community with essential items, in a socially distanced way in March.

To shop at DB Domestics, visit their website or call the store on 01323 725588.

The store, which is situated at 407–419 Seaside, Eastbourne BN22 7RT, re-opens to the public on the 12th April.

Reader opinion time

What do you think? Do you agree with the findings? Has the pandemic influenced the way you grocery shop? Are you experiencing higher levels of in-store anxiety? Or do you still prefer the in-store experience, despite the increased risk? And have you replaced your fridge/freezer?

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