Should our people come first before we help Afghan refugees?

That is the debate going on over on our Eastbourne online group this weekend.

Here are a few more comments – we did post two yesterday:

Lisa Hodge: “The UK government has immediately accepted 11,000 refugees, with up to a total of 20,000 over the coming 2-3 years.

These are people / families that have worked with the UK military in previous years, and will likely be persecuted under the Taliban, so we should take responsibility for supporting those that supported us.

There are 398 principal councils in the UK. If each take an equal share (as a very crude calculation, knowing that larger authorities will likely take more) then each council will take 26 people. I’m pretty sure that Wealden (and us as welcoming community) can play our part without pitting disadvantaged groups against each other.”

Anna Borsey: “Some of the Afghan “refugees” are in fact terrorists, sneaking through as “asylum seekers”. The UK govt allowed one such onboard, in spite of his name being on a list of known terrorists. The UK govt also rescued a CAR onboard a military cargo plane that was supposed to be flying Afghan refugees to the UK. A CAR!!! The car belonged to a diplomat …”

Allison de Sousa: “I wonder how many of the people who are so concerned about the UK’s ‘poor unfortunate’ homeless population have made donations to homeless charities or even just bought a copy of The Big Issue.

I too am very saddened to see the lack of compassion and basic human kindness in some people’s comments and unpleasantly surprised by the number of Likes to those negative and intolerant views. Anna, I think we all know by now how you like to stir up discussion by writing controversial posts and bringing out the worst in people.”