AN Eastbourne man whose wife has chronic kidney disease claims they will be homeless within a month and will live in their mobility car.

Dave Earl says they can no longer afford the cost of private rent in Eastbourne due to a reduction in benefits.

He has criticised the Eastbourne Borough Council housing department and MP Caroline Ansell for not doing enough.

Dave said: “Housing say, ‘keep looking!’ Well we do, everyday. And we found somewhere, except when I smelled a rat.

“I knocked on the door and the person living there was under the impression he owned the place!

“We could have been scammed for £500.

“My wife and I were both working full time when we met.

“She now has chronic kidney disease.

“Me? I only have diagnosed PTSD and Anxiety.

“Private landlords say, ‘no benefits, sorry!’ Or they want a guarantor, we have no one!”

We have asked the borough council for a comment.