Built nearly 120 years ago in 1904, there are a number of significant and complex maintenance issues at Motcombe Pool.

But it’s clear residents want it back open, and a petition has now been set up.

Jan Bruce, who teaches classes at the pool, said, “I and many others would be upset if it didn’t reopen.

There will be local people that will want to support it.”

A spokesperson for the council said detailed investigations are being carried out to evaluate the significant repairs and modernisation required’ at the pool:

“Once our examinations are complete, the works identified will be considered within the council’s future capital programme and available funding.

“While we are preparing to reopen the Sovereign Centre for swimming next month when lockdown restrictions are eased, Motcombe Pool will remain closed at this time.”

Financial Portfolio Holder Councillor Stephen Holt said, “At present, we are awaiting the details and costings of what works need to be done to bring back to life this wonderful building which is over 100 years old.“

John Ungar, Old Town county councillor, said “The works may take some time as any building of this nature would. However, I want to reassure residents that we are committed to ensuring the pool reopens so that future generations can enjoy it.”

Resident Rachel Patient set up a petition to reopen the pool and in just three days it has gained nearly 1,500 signatures.

Sign the petition here Petition · Bring back Motcombe swimming pool · Change.org

It says: “We want our pool back in Motcombe we don’t want to travel by car or bus  to a new one across town . We want this one, returned to us here. 

So many people, individuals and groups used this pool . So many generations of kids have learned to swim here, essential for a seaside town. We are all excited about how well team GB did in the Tokyo Olympics ( all those swimming medals) and Eastbourne celebrates by closing this swimming pool.

We are told to keep fit , be active,  stay healthy , walk instead of drive, cut down on traffic yet the Eastbourne ‘powers that be’ are stopping us from doing this!

Eastbourne Council or someone with the power, please spend some money on what the LOCALS ACTUALLY WANT.”