Council tax will be increased by 3.49% in East Sussex this year.

The average Band D property will pay £1,544.04 per annum towards the county council; an increase of £52.02 on the current year.

The Liberal Democrat amendment proposed additional spending in several areas, including extra funding on Special Educational Needs support for schools and advice services for primary schools.

Labour argued there was a lack of detail in where the savings proposed in the LibDem amendment were supposed to come from.

So the ruling Tories had their way.

Council leader Keith Glazier, pictured, said: “Through prudent financial planning and partnership working, we have been able to agree a budget today which adds no new cuts to services and keeps us above our core offer – the minimum level of service we think residents should be able to expect.

“But we realise that relying on residents to pay through council tax and social care levies for vital services for vulnerable adults and children is not a sustainable option. We continue to lobby Government to put in place a fairer funding system which gives us more certainty and helps us plan for future years.”