THE LibDems have admitted they got it wrong!

Remember their story – allegedly – of Jean who was told she would have to wait 8 hours for an ambulance.

Leader Ed Davey told the PM she drove herself to the DGH, paid to park (which you do when you leave) and was dead shortly after.

Ed Davey – no doubt briefed by Josh Babarinde, our LibDem candidate – highlighted the case.

But it was not true.

Here is Caroline Ansell:

I am most unhappy and angry that the leader of the Liberal Democrats has used the death of someone for political gain but it is even worse when the facts are so wrong.

My heart goes out to the family of Jean.

I am also very unhappy for the hard-working staff at Eastbourne District Hospital and the ambulance service who must have felt sick to their stomachs hearing such an upsetting story only to find out later it was untrue.

Sir Ed Davey misled the House at PMQs.  He needs to come back to the Commons and apologise for what he said and put the record straight. I do not know how he can make amends to the family.

Lib Dems locally and nationally need to stop trashing the work of our NHS staff, trashing our hospital and trashing their plans.

What I would like to know is who sent this wrong information to Ed Davey and why was it not checked?

Josh – would you like to apologise through our website and social media today?