By Mike Crane, Director, Crane & Co Estate Agents

One of the questions we are asked every day is whether a seller should place their property on the market before or after they have found a home to purchase.

Many sellers express that they are keen to move would prefer to withhold selling theirs until a suit-able property becomes available.

On the face of it this may seem like the obvious route but in practice this approach can severely limit your chances of being offered the best homes – if any at all, from many estate agents.

Unfortunately this approach is almost guaranteed to end in failure or cost you many thousands of pounds in lost selling price value and lost negotiating ability on your next purchase.

Let us explain…

So, you’ve decided to find your perfect home before you place your home on the market – sounds sensible enough. You’ve got a property that will sell quickly so the plan is to start house hunting, find the home you’d like to buy – get yours on the market, sell it quickly and BINGO! – everything falls beautifully into place.

Unfortunately, in the real world it doesn’t work quite like that.

The vast majority of estate agents still have an old fashioned disposition towards, what they call, HOT BUYERS (someone who can buy today – a cash buyer, or someone who is already under of-fer themselves and set up with a buyer).

Let’s say an estate agent places on the market EXACTLY the property you have told them you’re looking for – location, accommodation, condition, parking – it’s got it all.

The truth is that even though you might be on that agents list you are not on their radar. They are looking to sell the property quickly to a ready and able buyer and at the moment that’s not you.

Perhaps worse still is the scenario where you do actually get to view the perfect home and fall in love with it only to find it sells to someone else the same day when sellers naturally favour buyers who can proceed.

For many sellers the alternative prospect of selling first then finding the next home holds different, but equally daunting, concerns.

What if I can’t find? How long will my buyers wait? I don’t want to be under pressure to find a home quickly!

So what is the solution to this problem?

• How do you regain control of the whole situation?

• How do you take the pressure off?

• How do you get yourself to the top of the HOT list?

• How do you give yourself and your agent time to fully explore all the possible interest in your home over a couple of weeks or more to absolutely maximise your selling price?

• How do you get yourself into the situation where you can walk into any property you want to buy and reserve it there and then?

The solution

To find out how to solve this home-moving conundrum scan the QR code and visit our Active Res-ervation guide where you can view our film explaining the Crane & Co solution to this age-old prob-lem and download our guide and fact sheet.

We have a hugely experienced team – independently rated as one of the best estate agents in the country and all that ability and knowledge is at your disposal, so do get in touch and talk to us about your moving plans – it could be the best move you make!

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