ON Friday we reported that a developer has put forward plans for a major retirement living complex in Eastbourne.

Local residents are furious.

Untold Living (also known as Martinique Way Village Limited) is seeking permission to build 137 “apartments for older people” to the east of Martinique Way in Sovereign Harbour.

There has been a strong reaction online.

Claire Exall said: “It is architecturally and visually out of keeping with the style of flats and houses here in the south harbour.”

Ros Saunders p;osted: “What an eyesore.”

Christine Mianowski posted: “My god! That looks absolutely ugly….”

Nick Davies posted: “Strikes me as a massive overdevelopment and not suitable at all for it’s intended location. Seven storeys high!! Totally ridiculous! All the residents, particularly the poor folk who bought the houses from the previous developer, at that end of South Harbour must be devastated – all morning light will be completely blotted out!! Get objecting folks!!”