ECOHAVEN owner and Plastic Free Campaigner Karine Morrison discovered a love of sea swimming during the pandemic.

And it was during one of those swims that she came across the extent of plastic that litters our beaches. She had an epiphany, and decided to investigate alternatives to plastic, starting in the bathroom.

“It was difficult to find swaps to plastic and even when I found one, it was delivered in plastic packaging!”

That was how Ecohaven was born and her mission is finding eco friendly bathroom products that replace plastic.

New Year resolution

Karine is committed to removing as much plastic from her life as possible and is calling for others make a new year pledge to reduce reliance on single use plastics

“New Year is a perfect time to start to make conscious changes for more sustainable and greener living to protect our planet for generations to come.”

Sustainable products

Her website is full of beautiful sustainable products, including her best seller, a bamboo electric toothbrush. As well as many more hygiene and beauty products. Recently, Karine won the Eastbourne Business Award ‘Planet Protector’ for her commitment to a sustainability

Ecohaven, Trudi Tweed refill shop, and others are going to be part of a hub at Gather on Saturday 19th January, a day around the topic of energy and greener living.

January sale

Visit the Ecohaven website for up to 50% off and a free delivery code for Eastbourne and the surrounding area: free local delivery

Shop online at: