I have always had an interest in helping people and first aid training has been such a great way to do that. I think that first aid is really important whether you’re a child, new parent or business and that it should be fun and memorable!

I started Mini First Aid Sussex teaching first aid to parents/carers because I couldn’t find it when I had my daughter. I love hearing back from families who have come to a class and then had something scary happen like their child start choking which they have been able to confidently deal with.

I also teach children from 3-16yrs, healthy minds for kids 7-11 years, businesses and early years settings because I believe that we should be offering the right class for the right person. I always wanted to expand the business Sussex wide to be able to offer a whole variety of courses .

Jen Fisher

Mini First Aid Sussex

07484332421 jen@minifirstaid.co.uk