By Gail Mackay

I met up with Julie Ford, a local PE teacher, for a cup of tea recently at her home just outside Eastbourne, where she put me through my paces with her radical new exercise system.

Instepp is a resistance training exercise where individual bands are attached to your feet, under the trainers, and have handles to pull the bands up and down.

‘’Instepp is built on the established methods of exercise therapists to combine the benefits of resistance training with fundamental movement. Put simply Instepp was designed to activate, tone, and strengthen your whole body.’’

Julie is originally from Wales, but studied at the Chelsea College of PE and Movement in Eastbourne in the 70s. She then met a local lifeguard whom she married, and has been in Eastbourne ever since.

With her amazing resistance training system she has been collaborating with Liz Earle, and various influencers, including Georgia Harrison (of Love Island fame).

Instepp has appeared on various shopping channels including Primal Living and you can catch her on Gemporia from July 9th.

Where did instep start?

Julie had a health scare 10 years ago, and after successful treatment for breast cancer, she had a rethink about how she approached fitness. Julie found she wasn’t interested in the gym anymore and loved being outside walking where she would bring weights. But this wasn’t practical on a long walk and so began devising ways of creating a full resistance workout whilst walking in the beautiful fresh air.


She worked with Steve Mucklowe, formerly of Sports Direct on her proto type, and he helped her source a supplier to mass produce them.

She would describe the nature of the workout as ’’ Jane Fonda with resistance training, it’s the golden ticket. It builds strength and bone density without bulk.’’

I have to agree. I was treated to a demonstration around her beautiful garden. I found walking with the bands (attached to your feet, under your trainers) very comfortable. It adds a 5lb resistance workout as you bend your arms at the elbow as you walk. There are hands free clips for sitting down and having a coffee.

After and energetic hike around her garden, she introduced me to the next step on Instepp’s journey.

A workout class to music.

We had a brilliant time, Julie showed me so many dance moves with the bands All incorporating various ways to create a really satisfying workout.

Instepp across the Country

She runs zoom classes and hopes to start training instructors to run Instepp classes up and down the country.

Money isn’t Julie’s motivation, she says, ‘ I want everyone to feel as good as I do every day.’

She says of Instepp, ‘it gets you outside, and If you get outside every day, you will get your endorphins from the fresh air and exercise. This method keeps you upright, great for posture, it makes you look up and around you. Improving mental as well as physical health.’’

‘’A friend asked her father with Parkinson’s Disease, to try it. He has limited mobility, and was hesitant, but It had a wonderful impact on his confidence and movement’

Its like patting your head and rubbing your stomach, the action of moving your arms and legs together improves neural pathways.

Exercise snacking

Exercise snacking has become a buzz word for desk workers at home. If you can fit in bitesize bursts of activity, you can create a positive effect on your long term fitness. So Julie is also developing a travel Instepp, for sitting down for long periods of time, at your desk, or on a plane. The increased movement boosts circulation. Improved circulation is important when trying to prevent DVT.

Julie is remarkable, at 68, and as fit, and energetic as ever. She’d love to get the product on Dragons Den, as she truly believes her energy and enthusiasm combined with a very unique and cost effective exercise product would be a roaring success.

We need her on the telly!