‘Stop construction lorries through our village.’

That is the plea from Hellingly villagers.

Twenty villagers at two sites – Church Road and outside Jenners on Park Road, – decided to take direct action, with banners and determination!

Villagers from Hellingly launched a campaign of direct action to stop HGVs from using Station Road/Church Roads as a rat run by protesting at a local construction site.

Following years of extensive construction work expanding Hellingly Village into the boundaries of Lower Horsebridge and Hailsham, residents have had their lives devastated by the impact of Lorries and HGV’s cutting through the village to various building sites and want to stop them from using Station/Church Roads as a short cut for fear of a major incident or death.

“Station/Church Road residents have experienced a huge increase in volume and speed of traffic with much of the road and verges destroyed as convoys of lorries plough through the village leaving devastation in their wake,” said Hellingly resident of 40 years Gill Riches.

“It’s an absolute nightmare” said Jessica Daley, a young mum with two small children who attend Hellingly Village School.