Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell is sitting on a parliamentary bill committee looking at a new law to stop offenders from changing their name without declaring it.

The community and suspended sentences (Notifications of Details) Bill has government support.

It will bring the law for those on community orders in line with offenders on licence.

The change will mean all offenders and youth criminals must notify their probation officer about any name changes, online aliases or changes to contact details.

Offenders who refuse to comply could be taken back to court to face a tougher sentence, including possible prison time. 

The bill committee starts next week scrutinising the bill before it continues its passage through both houses. With government support it is likely to become law.

“I am very pleased to be on the bill committee for this sound piece of legislation that closes a loophole that allows offenders to disappear into communities and away from the authorities by changing their names.

“We need to ensure this cannot happen and doing so will improve public safety.”

The proposed legislation was brought forward in a private members bill by Newport West MP Ruth Jones supported by Caroline.