So who are we and what does Tutorwiz do?

Well, we are a bunch of concerned parents who left stressful jobs to focus on the UK’s first “Hybrid” tutoring system that fuses the UK national curriculum with live private tutor support.

It works similar to the technology that drives much of social media currently, so it learns and calibrates each student’s requirements, i.e. it learns as the student learns; and pre-empts any hurdles, issues and gaps forming.

We do an in-depth assessment with the student to identify gaps that have appeared, what’s missed along the way, starting from their earliest days in Year 1. The parents receive detailed weekly reports, etc., and the student gets loyalty points to spend on free high street gift vouchers.

We have seen high enrolment in the past few months which has helped us expand and start offering unique tailored lesson plans, scholarships and grants, especially for families whose family budget may not stretch to this form of needed educational support.

Currently, the majority of children have not had the educational support they deserve over the last year, which means they will be entering school in 2021 almost six months behind. It is going to take a double effort in the following months to catch up. This, we are afraid, is not going to happen. Students will always be playing catch up. At Tutorwiz, we will not allow this to happen, and we will not let our students be “The Lost Generation”.

We will get the student up to their required school level and then look to accelerate them to a higher level in the next school year. The programme and Tutor will set work based on their abilities, completing their daily work at their own pace and making tutoring them to “Think” the subject.

We are a Sussex based business, established 2018 with a pedigree that goes back even further and very proud to have helped so many children and families.

1. When enrolled, your child will do a thorough assessment.

2. Tutorwiz will pay for the 1st two weeks of your child’s tuition.

3. Your 2nd child is enrolled for free.

COVID-19, school closures, 12 months of part-time education, and still ongoing! Gaps have formed, and we are doing what we do best, stopping children from going backwards and getting them moving forwards.

Our students are supported so that when they go back to school, they are level or better than where they would have been.

We find the gaps, rebuild foundations, give them the support they need with extra lessons to succeed in class.

We Teach, Tutor, Monitor, Manage, Motivate, Mentor, and then Revise and Reward.

We are so much more than an online programme. Personalise learning, parent support, Private Tutor with “One on One” support.

Weak foundations = struggling, low confidence, stress, anxiety.

Strong foundations = retention, enjoyment, learning, fun, happy, long term memory, better school results.

“This is what we do, and we know how to do it.”

To start your child’s educational support, assessment and any questions, please call 0800 181 4221 or email

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