The number of women police officers has reached a record high, and this year sees Sussex Police as one of the highest recruiters of women in the country.

Uplift, the national campaign to recruit 20,000 additional officers, has announced that there are now more than 50,000 women police officers across the country.

A recent report showed that overall representation of women officers in Sussex Police stands at 35.9%, higher than the national average.

This financial year will see a net increase in Sussex of 163 officers through Uplift with an additional 20 from Precept funding.

Jo Grantham, the Leadership and Development lead within the Sussex Police Gender Equality Network, said: “I am really pleased to see more women choosing policing as a career. Working for Sussex Police I have enjoyed many different opportunities in a variety of roles, no two days have been the same and it is a privilege to serve the public.

“My work on the network aims to inspire the next generation of future leaders and equip our officers and staff with the tools needed to achieve this.”

Kat, a response officer based in Worthing, joined Sussex Police in January and has the following advice for anyone who would like to become a police officer: “You need to enjoy hard work because being an officer can be challenging and unpredictable. As my trainer says ‘no one calls the police when they’re having a good day’ so be prepared to speak with people at their most vulnerable.

“There is a really supportive culture within Sussex Police where I feel like we all look out for each other. I would also say for anyone apprehensive about studying and working, don’t be. Each week I get a dedicated study day to complete any university work required, and this has made it very easy to keep that side of the work up-to-date. I am really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for me.”

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