SUSSEX POLICE have come up with a bright idea to engage with cyclists who ride without lights during hours of darkness.

UK Government legislation states that any bicycle which is used between sunset and sunrise must be fitted with the following: 

  • white front light
  • red rear light
  • red rear reflector
  • amber/yellow pedal reflectors – front and rear on each pedal

But instead of penalising individuals by issuing fixed penalty notices, officers will engage with and educate them, with the overall aim to improve road safety for everyone.

PCSO Richard Moorey said: “If a member of public is seen riding a cycle during the hours of darkness whilst the operation is on, they will been given the opportunity to purchase a set of bike lights, and bring their bike into the police station to show the lights have been purchased and fitted. This will mean no further action will be taken and no fixed penalty notice will be issued.”

The operation runs from 1 November to 31 January.