THIS is the former Debenhams building in the heart of Eastbourne Town Centre.

Yesterday, police reported illegal trespassing and anti-social behaviour in the basement areas of two businesses in Eastbourne.

Well, what is happening to this now derelict building?

Here’s a warning: “They are not only in the basement, they are on the roof and inside the top of the building

I have reported it dozen of times, teenagers standing close to the edge of a 4 storey building, even sitting on the edge to take photos

They are inside the building on the top floor, they have opened the swing window and broken one window, hope they are not smoking in there ,because if that building catches fire , all town property will have to be evacuated,

There you are one window open the other window no glass , you can see them on a evening they have torches and sometimes turn the light on , they enter from the rooftop.”