TWO teenagers have been throwing rocks off the cliff by Bedes on Eastbourne seafront ‘with an intention to injure.’

They are believed to be aged around 16 to 18 5 ” 9 to 5 ” 10 tall.

One has moppy floppy curly top hair look dyed partly blonde , wearing burgundy track suit bottoms.

This is an online post: “They have been throwing rocks off the cliff down the back of Bede’s School with an intention to injure .

I ran up to find them and when I got in my car they sprang out of behind the bush and ran.

Police are looking for them now and I won’t forget their face because I have seen one of the guys before locally.

The stupidity is beyond stupid as children , families and people in general walk the beach below.

If anyone hears any teenagers boasting of these antics please call the police .

Maybe Bede’s will have video footage as they ran alongside the school .

“his is the third time in two weeks from different individuals. Some were caught and spoken to a couple of days ago.

Should an injury occur the consequences for stupidity is a very high price.”