Who is this?

A WOMAN says she was followed yesterday by a man police think was planning to steal her dog.

Odette Ryan-hoare from Pevensey Bay has issued this warning: “Please be careful with your beloved pooches!

This is her story: “Yesterday lunchtime (22nd Jan) I took my dog for a walk in Pevensey Bay (he’s an English Bull Terrier and I have always felt VERY safe walking with him)

I wanted to walk through the public footpath that runs next to the bootfair field, however I noticed a man had stopped walking and was standing on the path staring at me, and it made me feel very uncomfortable.

I carried on walking down the footpath and turned around to see he was on the phone,

I then got a very bad gut instinct and didn’t want to walk further into the fields out of sight of the road and other people.

I turned around to head back towards the road, I then crossed the road and walked passed him, he was on the phone but speaking another language so I couldn’t understand what he was saying.

As soon as I had walked passed he put the phone down and started walking behind me, I felt really uneasy and walked a little quicker,

I’m staying at Pevensey Bay Holiday Park in our holiday home, so I walked quickly and turned around to see his hand in the air waving at me.

I only took my phone and dog poo bags out with me so I knew I hadn’t dropped anything, so I carried on walking.

I didn’t think he would turn in and follow me, but he did. I didn’t want to head to my holiday home as he would see where I was staying, so luckily I stood with my neighbours and he walked passed whilst watching me.

As soon as he had walked out of sight I darted into the caravan and called the police.

They were very happy he’s been reported, and said it’s most probable that he was after my dog as there is a lot of dog snatching going on.

The thought of someone wanting to snatch my dog made me feel sick to the pit of my stomach. I am so glad I noticed him and didn’t stop to talk.

I can’t imagine what would have happened if I continued walking through the fields.PLEASE be aware! I would hate for anyone to have their dog stolen, and if this can help one person I will be so glad!

It made me feel that threatened and worried I just turned around, I have never felt that way before or had such an uneasy feeling. Y

He was wearing (a black puffer coat, dark jeans, navy trainers, and a grey cap) please watch out for this man & share with all your friends and family!!”