CONCERN has been expressed about a scary dog in Friston Forest which has been upsetting walkers.

Here’s Kate Edmonds: “HELP: I’d like to make contact with anyone else who may have had an issue lately with a very large black German Shepherd dog in Friston Forest.

She is with a shortish, middle-aged man in a baseball cap; she is always off leash, and has become increasingly intimidating toward me over 5 or 6 encounters during the past month.

Last Friday was the worst incident. The moment she saw me, she began barking at me and then charged me at full speed from about 30 metres away. It was terrifying.

The man shouted to her and, thankfully, she ran past me and he eventually caught her. I’ve heard from a friend that another woman has had a similar experience with the same dog and was left in tears.

Previous times, the dog has approached me growling and had to be held back by the collar. She’s a powerful dog and could really hurt someone. If others have been affected, please PM/DM me and hopefully we can somehow work out a strategy to keep us all safe.”