THE government has given Eastbourne £20 million of Levelling Up money for Black Robin Farm.

It has amazing potential – an exciting new arts, education, and cultural centre for Eastbourne.

But the number of negative comments yesterday about the plan online were staggering.

Here are some of the facts:

  • Black Robin Farm will be situated in the unique landscape of the South Downs National Park.
  • It aims to become an important destination for the approximately 1 million national and international visitors to the region each year.
  • The farm will connect iconic landmarks along the Sussex Heritage Coast, including Beachy HeadBirling GapSeven Sisters, and Cuckmere Haven.

But yesterday’s positive story on the plan brought so many negative comments:

Phillippa Farrant

I don’t get this…I understand the funding pot and what it should be used for but is this the best use?

Tim Bosworth

The reality is that this should not happen – full stop! This vanity art project is destroying the last quiet and peaceful area of the downs.

I fail to understand how it is ‘ levelling up ‘.

Debbie Nicholls

Unbelievable, more money wasted on this EBC vanity project.

These decision makers have no common sense whatsoever, and couldn’t care less about what real people need and want.