LET’S applaud Jacob Owen from Hailsham.

He bought 50 hot drinks for hospital staff over the festive period.

He posted: “Currently at the Princess Royal hospital in Haywards Heath, just paid for 50 hot drinks for the hospital staff.

Seeing the looks on their faces when I told them all there was a hot drink waiting for them at the counter and the lift in morale was amazing and the nicest feeling!

I know we are in ‘lockdown’ and I know a lot of people have had a rotten year, but if you are at the shop, in the garage or even unlucky enough to be in hospital and you see an emergency worker queuing, let them go in front of you as that may be the only break they are getting all day.

Offer to pay for their coffee (if you can afford too), it’s small gestures that will keep them going, specially in such hard times!”