This week is Refugee Week, and Towner is working with The Refugee Buddy Project and Devonshire Collective.

The gallery will host a special lunch, with recipes cooked from the Enthum House Cookbook and featuring new work by Navine G. Dossos

This event is by invitation only for people supported by Sanctuary Cafe and Enthum Foundation, but Navine’s fabric design can be seen across Eastbourne in the form of awnings at Brew & Bread, Costa Verde, The Latin Deli & Polish Delicatessen, Eurafro World, DC Learn Studio and Seaside Community Hub.

Cuttings from the fabric will also be produced in two different weights and made available for free to those living locally as part of an exhibition at Devonshire Collective’s VOLT gallery from 27 July until 15 September.

Towner stands in solidarity with Eastbourne’s refugee community. If you are in need of guidance, a safe space or you’d like to offer support, head to: