The Treacle Mine is closing down on July 4.

There is a sign outside the popular pub in Polegate.

It’s owned by Whitbread which plans to cut 1,500 jobs as it closes restaurants and expands its hotel business.

It plans to cut its number of branded restaurants by more than 200 in favour of building more hotel rooms.

The job cuts, which are subject to consultation, will come from a total UK workforce of 37,000 employees.

The sign reads: “Please be understanding, this is a tough time for all of us so please be kind.”

Dominic Paul, Whitbread’s chief executive, said of the job cuts: “Sometimes businesses do need to make difficult decisions like this.”

However, he added: “I think we’re doing it for absolutely the right reasons. It’s going to support a material investment in this business and this country over the next few years.”

Referring to the job cuts, he said the decision was “really challenging for us. It’s really important that we therefore handle that in the right way for our people.”

The moves are part of a three-year £150m cost-cutting programme.