Three baby pygmy goats were stolen on Sunday night from Honeycomb Farm on the A22 bypass in Hailsham.

‘Please help return them to their mamas and their little farmer,’ is the plea from Antonia Koc.

She said: “If anyone suddenly has three new little girl goats or if you see them for sale, please let us know.

“This has been reported as a theft, and they are dearly missed by us and their mums.

They are all super friendly babies, so only tiny but very distinct colours.

Please make them too hot to handle and share this post. We just want them home!”

Ms Koc says pygmy goats are “quite sought after monetary wise”, particularly the females.

She explained this could have been why a male pygmy goat was left behind.

Ms Koc said: “They are super friendly little things that are a joy to be around, which is the reason why we have them.

“They go to shows, they are just fun animals to have if you’ve got the space to have them.”

She also explained that the animals had specialist needs and required specific food.

“It’s not something you can just go into without any experience.”

Ms Koc said she believed the chances of the animals being returned were “very small”.