THIS was last night 7.30pm- and it’s a message ‘to all parents of boys around 13/14 years old in the Beatty Road area.’

This is the post from Ross: “I witnessed 3 boys walk in to the Co-op and blatantly steal some items (sandwiches and cookies etc).

“The shop assistant was on her own and told them they were banned and they needed to leave but they just carried on stealing.

“The boys walked out of the shop not even trying to conceal the items they had stolen. The poor shop assistant couldn’t do anything to stop them.

I followed them out of the shop and demanded the items back. At first they refused, then one of them developed a conscience and handed me a pack of sandwiches which I returned to the shop.

So if you are a parent of a young lad in that area and he was in the Beatty Road area at that time maybe you could have a chat with them and if any of these lads feel they can confess to their parents there might just me a little bit of hope for them in the future.

And if anyone is a regular customer of that shop then please could you all be a little vigilant and give the shop assistants some support.

If these children carry on with their blatant behaviour I can only see their lives going in one direction and it will never end well.”