A WOMAN has described how thugs attacked her car on Sunday while it was parked in Willingdon.

Here’s Will Samantha Thomas:

“My car was parked in Southdown Avenue on the side of the road yesterday. (This incident would have occurred somewhere between 5:00pm and 8:30pm)

I went to go out in my car at around 8:30pm to discover somebody had dumped food waste all over my windscreen and bonnet(some type of Chinese type food and noodles) and had kicked or punched off my passenger wing mirror.

It was everywhere and it stunk. My wing mirror was hanging and is going to need to be fixed before I can use my car. I would usually park on my drive, as I have done for the last 13 years, however I’m presently having my driveway redone and was unable to. I’ve never known such disgusting behaviour in this road since I’ve been here and if somebody had a problem with me parking where I was, I would have thought it reasonable enough for them just to come and ask me to move.

I wasn’t obstructing or overhanging any driveway openings and was fully parked in front of a low rise wall. If this was upsetting anyone I would have happily moved my car.”