Here’s Kim Hatcher-Davies:
Well we have had a busy few days, Wednesday, Sally and I joined Len and Tommy at Seahaven FM 96.3 and 95.6
On Saturday we carries on with our Random Acts of Christmas Kindness by placing 100 crackers on cars in our car park
Today we went round and delivered Tubs of sweets to some of our friends Hansa at Holding Space , Hannah St Wilfreds Hospice, Lorretta Defiant sports, Sara and Debbie Inglewood Nursing Home , Linda Hampden Park Shed , Langney and Eastbourne Shedders, Atila and team Gardner’s Books, Monica,Chris and Alex Kings Church Eastbourne , Karen and Team Barchester Healthcare.

Wow the end of the week has been a busy one, continuing with our Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.
😊 On Tuesday I went out with Dom, from Eastbourne Borough Council Neighbourhood first team delivering the SMILE packages.😊
Yesterday was spent with Loretta and the team from Defiant sports and Ray from Rotary Club of Sovereign Harbour at the Sovereign Harbour Retail Park handing out Balloons, biscuits, books and sweets to spread some Christmas cheer  🎅🦕🍮📚🎈🍬🎅🦕🍮📚🎈🍬🎅🦕🍮📚🎈🍬🎅🦕🍮
Today was spent handing out biscuits to Eastbourne Foodbank, Faraday House, Owen Contractors Ltd, Bonners Music , and giving discount to random Customers as they paid for their shopping.🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪
Ending a busy week giving toys and soft toys to Eastbourne Fire Station, and completing the instore toy drive and delivering them to Mary Kids Count Project Hailsham 🧸🪀🚒🧸🪀🚒🧸🪀🚒🧸🪀🚒🧸🪀🚒🧸🪀🚒🧸🪀🚒
Also we would like to say a massive thank you to every single one of you as we are awaiting the final confirmation from Head Office, however since the partnership began with our charity partner Young Lives vs Cancer in February 2017, we are so proud to announce that we have raised over £60,000.THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. 🙏😊🙏😊🙏😊
What a weekend and start to the week it has been, 🎅 is definitely in the air.On Saturday we had the amazing musicians from Eastbourne Silver Band in, they were in the underground car park playing Christmas Carol’s to our customers and it was a lovely site to see and hear, thank you.
The week started off so busy continuing our #12randomactsofkindness, by delivering SMILE packages to the vunerable people in Westham, knowing that they are getting something to eat, makes the work involved worthwhile.
We went back to the store to help Hansa from Holding Space  set up for fun at the front, whilst raising awareness for this fantastic mental health charity based in Eastbourne.
Then St Wilfrid’s Hospice popped in and we handed over a cheque from the Morrisons Foundation, to help the fantastic work they do.
Then we walked around the car park placed 80 baubles on 🚗
Then off to the park we went to place 20 worry worms that were kindly made by Linda from Hampden Park Shed , Langney and Eastbourne Shedders, round the lake and a 🐿 was very interested in one that Sally was placing by a 🌳.
On the way back to the store we had a call from The Chaseley Trust to help them with some Christmas gifts they want to purchase 
And to end the busy day we stopped by Eastbourne Foodbank with some gifts for them to give to some venerable children.
It has been a very busy couple of days.
Few more bits to be done before the big day.
Thank you to everyone involved