SHOCKING new figures reveal the true extent of the Covid crisis at the DGH.

Health Services Journal has been looking at NHS data for the number of patients in critical care.

The DGH is covered by the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, which also runs the Conquest and Bexhill Hospital.

These figures are for all patients – Covid and non-Covid – in adult critical care across the Trust.

It compares the current figures compared to the data for the previous year.

100 per cent means it equals last year’s capacity.

200 per cent means it’s double last year’s figures.

So for the week of November 2020, the Trust figure was at 74 per cent.

However, for three weeks in January, last month, the figure was a staggering 147 per cent.

100 per cent is equal to last year’s capacity so 147 just shows how busy our hospitals have been.

It highlights the ongoing pressure still on hospitals, with the prime minister due to decide in coming days on a timetable for loosening lockdown.