Eastbourne ALIVE was an ambitious cultural programme coinciding with Towner Eastbourne hosting Turner Prize 2023 which presented partnerships, exhibitions and community projects all aimed at providing long lasting cultural change in Eastbourne, following the Turner Prize.

The project, the first of its kind funded by Arts Council England, encompassed a wide-ranging programme, including the reanimation of underused spaces through public art, dance and music events as well as school visits to Towner Eastbourne, community events, screenings, commissions and exhibitions.

During the time of Eastbourne ALIVE:

·  £16.1m overall value added to Eastbourne economy 

·  Over 385 events, exhibitions, performances and workshops took place between June 2023 and April 2024

·  An estimated nearly 200,000 visitors came to Eastbourne as a result of the Turner Prize and Eastbourne ALIVE 

·  More than 20 high profile public arts commissions from international names from Helen Cammock to Michael Rakowitz were placed across the town on the seafront, outside Towner Eastbourne, on Eastbourne Pier and in community spaces and cafes  – and explore the notion of a modern-day monument. These works were viewed by over 12,500,000 people, either in person or online 

·  A total of over 20,000 hours of art engagement opportunities were made available for young people and the wider community 

·  Over 300 artists locally, nationally and internationally took part, with further creatives involved in making the work, supported by nearly 100 volunteers 

·  Over 100 work and volunteering placements were provided for young people in Sussex 

·  130+ Eastbourne businesses took part in Eastbourne ALIVE, including dressing their shops and buildings in a colourful brand during the Turner Prize 

·  260,000 plus audience members and 500 participants took part in events 

·  Surveyed audience members called Eastbourne ALIVE “creative, colourful and surprising” 

Sarah Dance, Project Director, Eastbourne ALIVE, said, “An enormous thank you to the thousands of people who we collaborated with to drive this project to fruition during the Turner Prize period. We are proud of all that has been achieved over the last few months From international artists showing work in unique places across the town, to the hundreds of young people who visited the gallery, did work experience or took part in our ‘manifesto moment’ at the town hall, it was a once in a lifetime moment and opportunity for us all.”

“I am also delighted to reveal the economic impact shared between Turner Prize and Eastbourne ALIVE – we delivered an  additional economic benefit to Eastbourne of hosting Turner Prize of £16.1m.  This means a return on investment (ROI) for the project as a whole of 19.3,  highlighting that  for every £1 spent on hosting Turner Prize 2023, a return of £19.30 was generated for Eastbourne”

“We also wanted to ensure that there were those serendipitous encounters with art for local people who may not consider going into a gallery but then who may make it part of their life in the future” Dance added 

Joe Hill, Director, Towner Eastbourne, commented, “We are delighted to share these fantastic numbers of local community members, young people, and artists who were part of and benefitted from Eastbourne ALIVE and the incredible impact this project has had culturally, economically and socially. This level of ambition and collaboration within the country is unprecedented and we look forward to continuing this important strand of our work at Towner Eastbourne.”