SO two charity shops on Seaside have now been targeted by vandals.

First, two people threw bricks through a glass door of the Cats Protection charity shop, broke open the till and stole cash from a collection tin.

The break-in at the charity’s Seaside store in Eastbourne happened just before midnight on March 15.

A neighbour alerted police but the thieves got away before officers arrived at the shop.

Then, yesterday we reported that the The Matthew 25 Mission charity in Seaside has also been targeted by vandals.

Their window has been smashed for the second time in two weeks. The charity box was also stolen.

Both sound very similar incidents.

Resident Susan King posted: “How hateful to steal from people who have nothing….it is unforgiveable…..I am so angry.”

And Margaret Robinson said: “This is shocking – to target a charity shop that helps our homeless. I hope the police can catch who is doing this, especially as it’s the second time in recent weeks. Shop crimes appear to be on the increase.”