A Ukranian masseur living in Eastbourne is today asking for our help.

Mariia Savvinova owns Health & Beauty Massage in Eastbourne, and here is her appeal to the people of Eastbourne:

“Some of you already know I am Ukrainian and now it is a very difficult time for my country, for my people.

I cannot be there with my mum and dad, with my sisters, with my 5 and 3 yers nephews and I cannot describe what I feel at the moment.

Great sadness, frustration, horrified…Only one thing I can do it’s to be strong for them, for those who stay in Ukraine and fight or hide from bombing.

I know all of you have kindness in your heart and can help me. I am asking to help with everything you can: clothes, medication, financially.Ukrainian people fighting right now, while you reading this.

They defence their motherland and the peace in Europe.

Please, contact me on +447521419195 if you or your friends can offer any help.

The list is:

Yoga/ Pilates mats



Power banks

Knee pads


Thermal clothes(hats, glows,sweeters, buffs)


Pillows Duvets

Sleeping bags

Food( long lasting), cookies

Tea Sugar



Children nutrition

Wet tissues

Dry diaper

Children clothes the smallest.

You can bring everything to the address:9 Hill Road BN20 8SA Eastbourne Old Town.

God bless you all.

Kind regards,

Mariia Savvinova”