THE mindless attack took place overnight Friday in Mark Lane, Eastbourne at Lincolns.

A spokesman for the business said it is important now to find out who did it.

They said: “So after a wonderful night at Ripe, we came back to the shop this morning to find this !!!

“Some insignificant, mindless subhuman decided to vandalise the company van by picking up a concrete block and throwing it through the passenger window !!!

“Honestly, if things aren’t hard enough in this current climate already! “

It happened in Mark Lane , Eastbourne after 9.30pm on Friday.

The spokesman added: “We won’t let this get us down because we have so many fantastic customers that make what we do feel so worthwhile .”

Call the police if you can help track down who did this.

Lincolns was formerly Lincoln’s Patisserie and is a catering and baking group which has served the local community for more than 40 years.