VAPOUR Vamps UK is situated outside Boots offering a wide range of e-cigarettes for those looking to stop smoking.

It is well-established, having been in the centre for seven years, and owner Persia Williams says it’s a great success.

She said: “We provide expert and valuable advice for anyone who wants to quit smoking.

“Come to us and you will see a varied range, plus we have that individual and caring touch as well. If you need advice, we offer that as well.

“That is the difference between shopping with us or going to a big national supermarket chain.”

The varied range caters for everyone, from starters to experienced users. Starter packs are from £22 while the most expensive package can be up to £150.

Persia said: “Our huge variety is a real attraction. We are the best place to come because of our years of experience in this area.

“Come and find us in the centre outside Boots. We look forward to seeing you.”

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