A family who have been collecting Mr Men merchandise for two decades now have over 3,500 items and are planning on opening a Mr Men museum.

Ben Daly, 28, from Eastbourne started collecting Mr Men when he was just five-years-old after becoming obsessed with the books his parents Kate, 56, and Jerry, 62, used to read to him.

Ben, who has autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, stores his huge collection at his parent’s house and has even dedicated an entire room to the beloved merchandise.

Kate and Jerry have spent the best part of £30,000 on the collection – with some items dating back to the 70s. Ben’s favourite items include a rare Mr Bump pencil case, Christmas crackers that cost a whopping £132, a Mr Noisy radio and an old Mr Men cookbook. **Please contact licensing@catersnews.com for media / licensing / broadcast usage**

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