A Vigil for murdered teacher Sabina Nessa is to be held in Eastbourne on Tuesday.

She was killed in London and an Eastbourne man has been charged with her murder.

Now a Vigil is taking place and here are the organisers:

“At around 8.30pm on Friday, September 17th, 2021, Sabina Nessa was walking to meet a friend, through a busy park, just minutes away from her home in South East London. But… Sabina never arrived.

She was attacked and murdered. Koci Selamaj, a 36 year old, Dominos delivery driver, living in Eastbourne, has been charged with her murder. Her life was taken like it meant nothing.

She was murdered and hid her under some leaves, to be found by a dog walker.

Sabina, we’re so sorry this has happened to you. You should have been safe to walk alone, you should have made it to the pub, you should be living your life now… but you’re not.

THINGS HAVE GOT TO CHANGE!!! How many more of our mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, friends, girlfriends, WOMEN, have to die before something is done?

“Myself and Nix Florides are holding a Vigil, for Sabina, here in Eastbourne. On Tuesday 5th October 2021. We will meet at the pier at 6pm, and walk together along the seafront. Please feel free to bring candles, flowers, cards, but no balloons please. #sabinanessa”