So, who is a Rotarian, well In these difficult times, it is so uplifting to see the unrelenting efforts of Rotary members from Rotary clubs all around the world who are mobilizing in their communities to support the introduction and delivery of COVID-19 vaccine.

The response in the UK has been exemplary with many Rotary Clubs answering the call to arms to help the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination at hospitals, doctors’ surgeries, and national vaccine centres. And these centres, not only in England, but across Great Britain and Ireland, are being assisted by a battalion of volunteers, including thousands of Rotarians.

Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland recently formed a partnership with the British Red Cross and the Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership (VCS EP) to assist with providing volunteers to assist in times of need such as the COVID-19 vaccination centres.

So why was the partnership with Rotary formed? Its simple Rotary has decades of experience in supporting the distribution of polio vaccines as well as highlighting their power and efficacy, which is a critical reason why polio is on the brink of eradication. It is this expertise, along with strategic partnerships and innovation, that Rotary members can tap into to protect communities from COVID-19.

As President of Eastbourne Sovereign Club and Assistant District Governor of Rotary District 1120 and the local coordinator for VCS EP, through the four Eastbourne Rotary Clubs which are Rotary Club of Eastbourne, Sovereign Harbour Rotary club, Rotary Club of Eastbourne AM and Eastbourne Sovereign Club we have managed to offer the Sussex Community NHS Trust volunteers from all four clubs to assist at the Devonshire Quarter Welcome Centre Vaccine Station.

This is just one of the many reactions the Rotary team have received include: “This is really well organised and the support from your volunteers is great, thanks you so much”.

The vaccine station volunteering Rotarians such as myself truly feel very humbled when we are thanked repeatedly, and when we see all those amazing and extremely happy people so happy to be getting there vaccine as one said, “We want to get back to normality, see our loved one, go on holidays or just to the pub to meet friends and have a pint”.

So that is one aspect of who a Rotarian is its someone who wants to help and give back to their local community.

If you wish to know more or are interested in becoming a Rotarian, then please contact Louise Cheeseman the Club Secretary for the Rotary Club of Sovereign Harbour at: