The Eastbourne Half Marathon this year is proud to be supporting the Rotary Club of Eastbourne’s Centenary ‘Homes for Homeless’ project.

To celebrate Rotary’s 100th anniversary in the town we require 100 runners to join our team. A discount code 2022Rotary is available for the first 100 runners to sign up. You will also get a free souvenir iconic blue ‘Homes for Homeless’ team ‘T’ Shirt.

So now is the time to get your running gear ready and/or organise a group of  likeminded friends to enter the Eastbourne Half Marathon and help us raise funds for Homes for Homeless.

If you can’t run personally or will be away you may have marathon running friends or colleagues who intend running the London or Beachy Head marathons and would like a modest training run building up to the big one.

The Eastbourne Half Marathon website is now open for Registrations and as the Rotary Club of Eastbourne’s Homes for Homeless campaign is the main beneficiary charity, we are now starting to promote this event.

Our Homes for Homeless campaign features on the home page here:

‘Running for Charity’ page features our video here:

and Registration can be made here:

There is a drop down menu towards the bottom of the Registration Form where ‘Homes for Homeless’ can be selected as the Charity to support.

I would be most grateful if you would relay this message to all your running friends and contacts.

Bob Hamblyn

Fundraising Coordinator

Rotary Club of Eastbourne

Homes for Homeless Project

07788 438952