DID you enjoy Eastbourne Carnival yesterday?

One post has certainly caused a great deal of debate online.

This is from Jess Holt: “Eastbourne Carnival… sorry but what the hell was that? What a pile of toot.

“Fully appreciate that it is a free event and people worked hard for it but it was really disappointing.

“I could’ve stood at the end of the road and seen more action.

“20 years ago the pavements were 10 deep and the floats were amazing with music and dancing,

“It was eerily quiet throughout and really non imaginative. No floats, just cars driving by.

“Would be well up for helping next year, and thank you to everyone who made the effort.”

Former MP Stephen Lloyd, Patron of Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival, has taken a different view.

He said: “What a fantastic day folks. The sun was out, the crowds were generous and the many, many volunteers who made today’s Sunshine Carnival happen stepped up as they always do.

Thank you to all of them, thank you to all the entrants and thank you to you all for coming along to watch and cheer us on. I won’t lie it’s been a toughie for the carnival committee to put this year’s event together because of the impact of the pandemic, and the numbers who could enter this year are only half what they’d normally be. But those that did made up for it in commitment and energy.

Well done to all of them. And a special big thank you to Stix Drummers who were just behind me in the procession. Again Covid meant fewer bands and less music but my God Stix stepped up and went above and beyond for the whole hour and a half procession.

I’ve always been half deaf and my ears are still ringing. Stix just played their hearts out hope you enjoyed it my friends.”