Was someone trying to kidnap dogs in Friston Forest today?

The message is be very safe.

Here is what Claire Cross Brown has just posted online: “Rather a disturbing walk in the forest today. Was startled to see a dark blue Toyota (I think) pickup driving along the bottom track near waterworks cottages.

He pulled over and was very keen on my dog, wanted to know his name, commented repeatedly on how nice it must be to have a dog.

Luckily I’d put my dog on the lead when I heard the engine behind me.

We finished our walk at top speed and I feel very lucky to have my four legged friend home safely with me.

The driver took off before I could get my phone to take a photo. Aged 35-40, tanned (works outside a lot?), dodgy teeth – that’s all I can recall.

I’m dammed if he’s going to ruin one of my favourite walks but the thought of some low life stealing my beloved dog gives me the shudders. Take care out there…”