APRIL 12 is a significant date in most, if not all, of our diaries. The day when the country hopefully starts to reopen.

Bournefree will be on this exciting journey with all our shops gyms, hairdressers and other businesses that are reopening or indeed opening for the first time.
Restaurants and pub gardens will be allowed to serve customers sitting outdoors.

The journey back for hospitality will start a month later, on May 17, and on June 21 we should (hopefully) be back to some form of normality.
We have big plans for our print magazine, and we are getting a great response.
As well as print, Bournefree is also focusing heavily on its website and social media, including Facebook and Linkedin.
Our website grows in reach by the day and we’re thrilled by that. On an average day, we will upload 10 news stories on our site.
We are looking to increase our connectivity with businesses on our website in the coming months.
For now, we are focusing on news stories affecting you and your community.
Fresh stories appear throughout the day. We want more ‘likes’ so go on there please and then make it a habit!
Our social media is also very strong, in particular our Facebook account at (20+) Bournefree Magazine | Facebook
That’s where we tend to focus on more controversial issues at times, and invite reaction from our thousands of followers.

It’s always important to let YOU the people have their say!
We are growing and so is our team, and we are enjoying making positive partnerships with key businesses and organisations.
Our print magazine is important to us and it always will be.
But we all know we now live in the world of online communication, and that is why we invest so much time in our website and social media.
For now, we thank everyone for their loyal support during Lockdown.
We all hope, and most of us feel, better times are just around the corner.
Let’s hope so…………..