Old Town Hub has worked hard over the last four years to improve and grow the tennis on offer at Old Town Rec.

The investment has been substantial and the area looks fantastic.

But owner Craig Wells says more help is needed:

“We have invested a lot into our café project and we are getting closer to making this happen.

We do need some help to make this community café happen and would love your support!

We have faced a number of hurdles which have cost us dearly. If things were better communicated we would have been successfully open. However, we find ourselves in a position where certain decisions have made our journey difficult and hit us hard financially.

We can’t wait to be open and start reinvesting in Old Town Rec. Our promise has been that a percentage of the profits will get reinvested into the Rec. at no cost to the council.

New Paths

More Trees

More Events

Maintenance of the playground

Update the basketball zone

Improve the rest of the building over time

We would love to be able to start works soon and with your help this could happen sooner rather than later.

Any donations will help and if you can share this we will be eternally grateful.”

Please select the link below to donate what you can.