WE are proud to launch Bournefree’s Community Heroes 2020.

We want YOU the public to send in your nominations so we can say thank you to those very special people who have made a true difference to other people’s lives.

This year more than ever we want to publicly say thank you to our Community Heroes.

Lockdown hasn’t been easy and some people – indeed many – have made a real impact on society.

It could be something very small. Popping into your neighbour to say hi or picking up the phone once a week to someone on their own.

Well, they aren’t small. They will make a big difference to those on the receiving end.

It could be collecting shopping for someone forced to stay at home.

It could be absolutely anything.


The starting point is for you to nominate people.

And that couldn’t be easier.

Simply email petelindsey30@hotmail.com here at Bournefree Magazine and then we will do the rest.

How we recognise these people – individuals or groups – will depend what Lockdown rules exist late January.

Ideally, we would like to give as many of them as possible a treat, just to say thank you.

What format that takes will depend on where we are nationally come the start of the New Year.

The priority now is to get nominating. Deadline please December 30.

Then come January we will have a celebration if that allows.

Or we will make sure they are acknowledged for their achievements!

Get nominating today please!