WHETHER Eastbourne and Wealden councils should house Afghan refugees has caused great debate locally.

We’ve been looking at some comments posted on Next Door for Willingdon.

Read this one from Anna Borsey: “I find it astounding, to say the least, that Wealden District Council is rushing to pledge to take care of and to support Afghan asylum seekers, find them housing and jobs, train them and teach them English, and give them taxpayers’ money to live on when there is a very grave shortage of housing in this country, especially in the already badly overcrowded southeast of England.

Our precious rural areas, including ancient woodlands, very old meadows and hedgerows are being built on all over Sussex, both East and West, at an alarming pace.

These lovely rural, green areas are being destroyed for ever, making wildlife homeless.

Humanity has already caused the extinction of ca 40% of insect life, and if you think that is trivial, think again. Insects are at the bottom of the food chain, and we destroy the natural food chain at our peril.

Ultimately, humanity will also become extinct, once we have killed off all other life forms on this once lovely planet.

Suddenly, there is apparently HOUSING available and MONEY available for refugees when we have British citizens sleeping rough on streets and in doorways all the year round.

How come there is no money to help these pitiful people, some of whom are ex British Army and who may well have done a tour of duty (maybe more than one) in Afghanistan (and other foreign countries)?

It is TAXPAYERS’ money the local council as well as the UK govt is spending! The govt does not have any money; it is all monies demanded from all of us UK residents by way of income tax, VAT etc https://www.wealden.gov.uk/news/we-pledge-our-support-for-afghan-refugees/

And Wendy C posted: “A very emotive subject and sadly I could not agree more as I have a very good friend who is about to become homeless under Wealden and through no fault of her own.

She and her partner have only now asked for help after struggling for many many years , and nothing is available. Where will she come on their waiting list?

One of the biggest issues is the number of unoccupied properties in the country (even this area) I can name 3 almost within yards of where I live, been empty from 2 – 5 years all 2/3 bedded.

My sister in East Grinstead has a property opposite her been empty for 20 years! There should be a way of the council being able to at least encourage the owners to make them available to rent if they don’t want to sell them.

These refugees are fleeing probable death so they need removing from their situation but where to put them? There are 100s of thousands of empty properties across the country mostly further north they should start there.”