AT last the owner of the Beatty Road shops car park has been in touch.

He’s the man who has caused so much anger in recent weeks.

First, free parking.

Then, just for 10 minutes.

Then, permit only.

And today? Who knows?

Here is Tony Mullane: “I just wanted to introduce myself, I’m the freeholder of the Beatty road car park. I’m happy to offer you a more fair version of events with regards to the car park aswell as an update as to the plans moving forward if you are interested. If so I will attach my contact number and leave it up to you.”

So I emailed him.

He then said: “There is a town hall meeting on Thursday where a small number of local residents and we should have a clear plan moving forwards once that has been had. I would be more than happy to let you know the position either late Thursday or early Friday.”

So what do you want to ask him?

All questions will be emailed onto him, inviting a response.