What is going on with the public toilets near the Pier? Well, now we know – they are staying closed.

They have been closed for months.

Both Bournefree and The Friends of Eastbourne Seafront have contacted EBC but have not been given a reason for their closure. Until now.

Are they closed to save costs? Are they reopening?

EBC has said this afternoon: “We understand how important public toilets are to many residents and thousands of visitors to the town.

However, regrettably they are also often targeted by vandals and anti-social behaviour.

At a time when council finances are stretched like never before due to costs associated with homelessness and temporary accommodation, we are having to review all services and how they are provided.

Regarding public toilets, discussions are underway about how best to operate these facilities going forward and we hope to share more details soon.

While there are no immediate plans to open the toilets at the pier, the seafront public toilets at the Bandstand, Holywell and Langney Point are open.”

Here are the Friends: “We understand the problem of constant vandalism but to close them indefinitely inconveniences the many people who need to use them. Surely the emphasis should be on stopping the vandalism?

EBC please put up some signs explaining why they are closed, when and if they will reopen and letting people know where the nearest toilets are. Currently the Bandstand or Fisherman’s Green.

The ladies toilet at Holywell is often flooded, it was the same last year.”