The owners of Maybugs new store in Eastbourne were so confident we’d love their store that they invited us to make an unannounced visit and report on our experience.

First Impressions – There’s no doubt that what co-owners John and Greg have created in Eastbourne is stunning; The shop is simply beautiful, laid out well and full of gorgeous products. The store was very busy, but not jam-packed as we had seen the week before. They have really made so much of this beautiful old building and given it a fresh lease of life. Plus it’s dog friendly too, a big sign greets you at the door proudly stating, ‘Fury friends welcome’ although I’d not sure I’d try taking a horse in!

The Products – We were surprised at how many different products were available. Of course there are greeting cards, as you’d expect from a gift shop, however the range of product is huge including; Bath and Beauty, Candles, Kids Toys, Men’s gifts, Jewellery, Scarves and Handbags, to all kids of homeware, Clocks, Mirrors, Lamps and Artificial Flowers. We were also surprised to see lots of things are made in the UK, and many in Sussex. Of course not everything is made in the UK, but what is really great is to see them supporting other local Sussex Businesses too by stocking their merchandise.

The Price – Well yes there are lots of ‘stunning’ expensive things available to buy (but maybe we just have expensive taste,) however we did find lots of things under £10, and many things for as little as £1. There was a real variety of prices for every budget, and the more expensive items were ‘designer’ or desirable brands. We did notice lots of ‘opening special offers too.’ The one thing that really did stand out, is everything looked of really good quality, and that it would last the test of time.

The Service – This is where Maybugs really stood out! We got a friendly hello and a wave from a lovely sales assistant as we moved through the store. We also asked several questions ‘where is this made,’ ‘can you get this in other colours.’ Both of which were answered knowledgeably and in a friendly manner. We did purchase a couple of items (we couldn’t help ourselves,) and again a different sales assistant was chirpy and welcoming at the till. What was really nice was to get a lovely ‘thank you, see you soon’ as we departed. Overall the team at Maybugs were warm and welcoming but not pushy or hard selling, they just let us browse while keeping a watchful eye to see if we needed anything.

Conclusion – Just one word needed… Fabulous!!! Welcome to Eastbourne Maybugs.