Unfortunately, the media are still full of reports about aircraft delays and cancellations, but I am pleased to say that things have improved, and I believe we are at an end of these ridiculous very late cancellations: I would add that long haul flights are far less likely to suffer the same problems.

A few tips to make your journey more comfortable. Don’t get to the airport too early, as three hours before departure is ample and getting there earlier only means clogging up the airport and more hanging around. If you are only going away for a few days, take just cabin baggage, as many of the arrival delays have been unloading the aircraft due to shortage of staff. The final tip is to consider booking into one of the airport lounges to give you a little peace and quiet before boarding the aircraft: at around £35 it is worthwhile.

I suppose it is inevitable being in our industry for so long, that we all tend to think that the public know exactly what a travel agent does which is not correct. It costs no more to book one of the many packages or cruises that we do and booking through one of the on-line agents for flight only will not be cheaper and has hidden pitfalls.

I have seen some really mouth-watering exotic trips over the years, and recently we received such a one which is a one-off trip departing 13 September 2023 that ticks all the right boxes. Billed as a Grand Tour from Rome to Rajasthan lasting twenty-three days, it visits Istanbul, Petra in Jordon, Taj Mahal and Samarkand staying at some of the best hotels, private tours of the Vatican, and museums. The big plus on this trip is that it is in your own Boeing 737 jet configured with all business class seating all for a price of twenty-eight thousand pounds each – hardly cheap, but what an experience!

One hears comments along the lines of who needs to go on holiday with weather like we have had recently, but as I am sure many would agree, it is to experience new places, new sights and of course eating the local cuisine. If you are travelling shortly, have great trip and if you have yet to book, September and October are good months to travel, but don’t leave it too long as prices will only increase.

Martin Wellings

Personal Service Travel

Grove Road