By Lucette Davies, East Sussex Save The NHS campaign Forum

The consultation into the closure of Eastbourne’s walk-in centre at the station resumed on the 4th August. It was paused during the lockdown as the CCG felt that during that time it was not going to be possible to run the consultation properly. This period of the consultation will now run until the 14th September.

Please do complete the consultation document. But please do also sign our petition against the closure and share this post widely. We don’t actually have much time to fight this. But as we are quite possibly heading into a second wave of Covid when there will be a greater need for health facilities this plan is ludicrous.

COVID-19 has left the country with a greater need for healthcare than ever before. Amongst the people who have been treated in ICU for Covid 90% will go on to develop symptoms of PTSD. Shockingly many of the frontline health workers are also showing signs of PTSD and many existing mental heallth patients have deteriorated because often their contact withh services has been reduced to telephone contact. We are also seeing that many of the people who were seriously ill with COVID-19 are being left with long term complications and a need for continued healthcare.

We were opposed to this proposal to close the walk-in centre before the pandemic. But after all that has happened and may still happen in this country we are even more angry that this is being even considered.Please sign our petition, complete the consultation document and share this post as widely as you can.

Thank you.