Eastbourne Solidarity welcomed yesterday’s posts by Eastbourne Green Party. Put out on Twitter/X and Facebook; as follows:-

“We call on Eastbourne Borough Council’s Full Council Meeting on November 15th to follow your St Albans Council colleagues, who last month passed an Emergency Motion calling for an unconditional ceasefire in Gaza.”

So. Come on Eastbourne Borough Council! Will you do what is needed and call for an emergency #ceasefireingaza motion tomorrow? After all, what is happening in Gaza is way, way, beyond an EMERGENCY.  

Telling us there is “no time” left to fit in an motion tomorrow is completely baffling. Is there any time left for the 11,200 who have already been killed in Gaza? How many more lives will have no time left by the time of your next Full Council meeting in February?

Humanity united for a ceasefire in Gaza. 

Carol Mills 

Eastbourne Solidarity